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Supervisors Division

We hope that this site will become a "go to" source of information for you and your fellow Township Supervisors. Please feel free to poke around this site to learn more about Educational opportunities, your Board of Directors, and some basic information regarding the Supervisor's Division. As a Township Supervisor, your primary duty is to administer the General Assistance Program.

The Township Supervisor's Division is here to assist Township Supervisors through networking and education. Our mission is to help Township Supervisors understand their duties in their role as a Township leader.

The TSI Board meets each year in June, July, and August. We meet the day preceding each scheduled zone meeting. Our committees meet in the morning and our full Board convenes for our board meeting in the afternoon. We also meet at the TOI conference in November. Feel free to attend our Board meetings to see first-hand the work being done on behalf of Township Supervisors across the state.


Our Board meeting schedule is as follows:



We hope you will join us at this year's zone meetings in May, June, July, and August. Supervisors, please remember Board meetings and Zone meeting/Educational Programs are held on consecutive days. Get involved! Why not attend both? Registration for workshops can be found on this website, in the Township Perspective magazine, and from the Events Calendar of www.toi.org.


General Assistance Training Institute (GATI)

GA Monthly Payment Levels

The General Assistance Training team is NOT ON VACATION!! We have been working with our Attorney, John Redlingshafer, reviewing the GATI manual and getting input from Supervisors and caseworkers across the state in efforts to update our current manual. Previously, when updates had been done, they pertained to only a few specific sections. We have been reviewing the ENTIRE manual to be certain it is understandable and compliant with the State Statutes as well as the Consent Decrees we are mandated to follow. We are in the final stages of edits. We are confident they will be ready in the near future.  We will keep you updated on our progress right here on this website.

At each of the upcoming zone meetings, we will try to have one member of the GATI instruction team present to answer any General Assistance questions you may have. To assist those that have attended previous GATI trainings, our contact information is listed in the handbook you received. We are available to help answer your questions.

The GATI team is also pleased to welcome Amy Victor back to the trenches. We missed you, Amy!

Upcoming Events
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